Tom Ford of British Rowing sets his StrokeCoach in his Empacher boat at Caversham

The Rowing Classifieds FREE tee shirt offer

Place a FREE advert to sell a boat and get a free rowing tee. That’s right – place a free rowing advert and we will send you a “ROWING: WHATEVER STROKES YOUR BOAT” tee shirt. It’s too simple! 

We want Rowing Classifieds to be the best market place for rowers and scullers to trade with each others. And to encourage you to advertise your rowing or sculling boats with Rowing Classifieds we will will send a “ROWING: WHATEVER STROKES YOUR BOAT” brand tee shirt to everyone who lists a boat for sale with us (subject to conditions below).

As with any amazing offer there are conditions as follows:-

  1. You must create a free rowing advert for a genuine boat available for sale
  2. You advert must include at least 2 images
  3. This offer is for a Rowing Classifieds brand tee shirt only, male or female fit
  4. We can’t guarantee to have your size in stock so will upsize you or put your shirt on backorder at our sole discretion
  5. To claim your shirt please email a link to your listing to and we will send you a voucher to use in the Rowing Classifieds merch store.
  6. As a final bonus we will even pay the postage – we’re good like that!
  7. This offer expires on September 30th 2017

We would welcome any feedback so if you do find a glitch or have a suggestion as to how we can improve your experience we would love to hear from you. If you want to sell your sculling boat fast we suggest that you include great images, a full description including some history and then share the link to your rowing advert on social.

Place your rowing advert now!
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